Latest posts

  • Played around with Netlify CMS

    Implemented Netlify CMS to be able to add posts to ‘bioinformatica’ repo without having to manually create files.

  • Created my first Electron app

    Finally tried using a quickstart tutorial by the team at Electron to create my first cross-platform desktop app. Then, packaged it nicely into different OS versions. I hope I can do cool things with it.

  • Used purifycss to remove unused CSS from stylesheet

    Learned how to use a tool called purifycss to clean a very large stylesheet. I had to copy only partial styles from this file to a different website, so using purifycss was extremely helpful. I’ve used it using npm and it was as simple as whitelisting a few classes and, voi-lá!, CSS file went from 12k lines to 3k in a few seconds. Will definitely use it again.

  • Learned a workaround to use bash on Windows 10

    If you want to run a bash script or command on Windows, and you can’t install it using the Windows Subsystem for Linux, but you have Git installed, you can use Git Bash terminal instead and be merry. Just open the program at (Program Files/Git/git-bash.exe) and run your scripts/commands normally. Fun!

  • Tweaked Jekyll on Github Page to add pagination

    This blog is published on Github Pages using a Jekyll base template called Minima. It offers no built in support for pagination, so I had to do a lot of trial-and-error, and follow a lot of advice from different people on the internet. This was particular tricky, because Minima uses a home.html template instead of an index.html.