I went to grad school in one of the most prestigious universities in Brazil, alongside many brilliant scientists. One of my good friends, Dr. Rafaela Falaschi, is an accomplished dipterist with a passion for education and science communication.

At the end of 2016, inspired by a recent event she had witnessed, Rafaela decided to found a Facebook community for (portuguese-speaking) women scientists to network and share a safe space for discussions beyond science. Shortly after that, I proposed we created a website as an outlet for many interesting contributions we were receiving as group moderators. That’s how, in early 2017, the website Mulheres na Ciência (Women In Science) was born.

It’s a collaborative blog, a magazine of sorts, where women (scientists or interested in science) can write texts that range from news, history of science, scientific communication, biographies, to anonymous testimonials.

I developed the WordPress theme as a child of a Genesis theme. Full screenshot of mulheresnaciencia.com.br (September 2021) Full screenshot of mulheresnaciencia.com.br (September 2021)